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Tea, an essential part of Eastern Culture for thousands of years, only recently arrived in the West.  As fast-paced America has overtaken simplicity, the art of tea declined in favor of convenience with the introduction of the tea bag.  The work of great Eastern tea masters reduced to hidden clippings dangling from a string in warm water.

Tea is a true but unique art; both the creator and the audience act as the artist for the final masterpiece.  Perfection in simplicity, a single leaf of tea gently picked, carefully rolled, steamed, oxidized, dried and cooked is only half finished.  With careful and observant infusing, tea cannot help but release it's unique characteristics and be fully realized.

As an aside, tea is not coffee.  Coffee is excellent, but it is my personal opinion that it is not an art in the same way as tea.  Tea is not a quick caffeine fix in the morning; it deserves much more care and contemplation.  

Tea is a complete sensory experience, taste, smell, sight, sound, and feel are all deeply rooted in the experience of tea, and as such, tea is only truly enjoyed without interruption.

When tea is experianced 100%, it will undoubtedly change ones perception of the world...you will feel yourself leaning towards a modern and minimalist approach to life.  The simple act of being fully aware, in tune with ones thoughts, and focused fully on one single experience will begin to make you crave such clarity in every aspect of your daily routine.  As a Christian, this site will stay clear of any of the religious aspects of Eastern tradition, and will avoid religion in general.  If you have a religious question for me please contact me directly from the website.  That said, by its very nature, tea forces us to slow down for a moment and simply be present.  No matter what our world view, I think we can all benefit from some personal contemplation and rest.

My goal for this blog is to be both an introduction and advanced study of the art of tea, including any related musings on the minimal lifestyle.  Unbiased reviews of tea, a list of personal favorites, new purchases of mine, and personal contemplations as I enjoy my tea collection are some of the things you can look for distributed in the three blog sections.

For a further introduction, please see the first post of "Think".

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